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Are You Sick and Tired Of Throwing Money Down The Drain With Marketing That Doesn't Work? The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business Is Through Partnerships And We'll Show You Step By Step How. PLUS Give You The Network To Create the Opportunities With!


Are you one of the 95% of people that are currently leaving thousands of dollars on the table because you're not forming strategic partnerships or creating new opportunities from your network each day?

If You Would Like To Know How You Can Change This Instantly Then Spend The Next 3 Minutes With Me...


Unfortunately it is more than likely that you too are leaving money on the table and are missing out on 10 / 20 / 50 new opportunities each year. Opportunities that should be adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

After starting many businesses in the past that slowly moved along, much to my frustration, I knew that there must have been a better way.

Here I was using social media ads, Google pay per click, paying for SEO, handing out flyers, going to networking events and handing out business cards at events and even doing some cold calling. Which was one of the worst things I've done!

It was not only hard, it was not giving me any return on my investment and worst of all I was not growing my business very quickly at all.

I knew there was a way to get lots of customers and clients at once rather than 1 by 1 by 1 but I didn't know how.

So I studied everything I could on networking, referral marketing, joint ventures, affiliate programs, customer reward systems, referral groups and everything else in between.

I have bought hundreds of books, done dozens of courses, listened to many audiobooks and even met face to face with the so called experts.

Bit by bit I took what I learnt and created different systems, processes, templates, checklists and action plans, all of this allowed me to build my own referral system.

Our new referral system allowed us to attract over 400 referral partners and took our marketing agency from 0 to 12,500 clients in 3 years.

Finally I had cracked the code!

I'm sorry to say that if you have been told that by going to networking groups, referral groups or association meetings, that you would get new business week in and week out, you have been lied to.

I have learnt that getting referrals and new business from other people is a process and there is a simple system to follow to ensure that you to can get the same results that I have got.

It does come down to knowing what to do and the steps to do it in. So many people think you can go from start to finish without the stepping stones. 

I have learnt that Education & Training + Action + Network = Business Success.

These systems I personally use today and I have built 2 very successful businesses on the back of.

I believe these are the 4 most powerful systems that all businesses owners should be using in their own business. 

And when combined will add thousands to your bottom line and ensure you are creating more referrals and opportunities than ever before.

Don't worry if you only need a handful of referral partners or if 5 new opportunities would fill up your business rather than 400. The great thing is you can turn these systems on as soft or as hard as you like.

You control how little or how much new business you create!

By following our systems you will instantly increase the number of referrals you get, plus you will grow your network with the right sorts of people and most importantly use your network to create new opportunities like never before.

Let me quickly go through each of these systems so that you see why I am so excited about putting this together for you.

 These Include:

The Referral Marketing System 

The Referral Marketing System teaches you step by step how to build a referral marketing system into your business, it is not just any plan, BUT the plan we used to create over 400 referral partners that grew our marketing agency from 0 clients to over 12,500 in just 3 years. However, if you want 3 referral partners, 7 referral partners or 15 referral partners  who pass you referrals, then this system will work perfectly for you. You choose how soft or how hard you turn the tap on.

In this Referral Marketing System we teach you exactly how to:

  • Find the right sorts of referral partners and then how to train them so that they pass you referrals consistently.
  • Understand your network better, become more front of mind and get them to pass you referrals daily.
  • Grow your network with the right sorts of people so that you are surrounded by people who can actually help you and can open new doors for you.
  • Build referral teams, this alone will take your business to a completely new level.
  • Build strategies and action plans which will create new opportunities between you and your referral partners each week.

The JV & Cross Promotion System

The JV & Cross Promotion System is what every business should be doing every month. This system will generate as many new opportunities you want each month. We have seen people create 2, 3, 10 opportunities and we have seen people create 20, 30, 50 opportunities for the month. If you look at every big listed company they grew their business through partnerships. Well now you can to!

The JV & Cross Promotion System teaches you how to:

  • Identify the right people to complete partnerships with. This will save you countless hours speaking to the wrong people.
  • Speak with new Joint Venture Partners, Partners that can blow your business open in one go.
  • Do a cross promotion every month to help you get more exposure and open new doors for your business
  • Build an affiliate system into your business and get hundreds of people finding new business for you.

The LinkedIn Engagement System

Everyone knows the power of LinkedIn, yet very few people actually know how to use it to build engagement and create powerful connections and opportunities on a daily basis. Through just 15 minutes a week we can create anywhere between 5 and 14 new opportunities to generate new business. People just don't use this platform like the way we show you.

The LinkedIn Engagement System shows you exactly how to:

  • Be seen as the go to expert on the platform by setting up the foundations correctly
  • Turn yourself into a niche expert by the way you post and where you post to
  • Build the right connections and find people who can open new doors and new opportunities
  • Be engaging through using our simple templates and messages and create new opportunities with your current connections
  • Turn yourself and community into a "HUB" getting more people than ever before wanting to be around you and your business
  • Do all your LinkedIn Engagement in just 15 minutes per week with our simple blueprint to follow.

The 5 Figure Networking System

98% of people go to networking events thinking that it is all about them and it is about creating sales. These are the same people that get very little from networking events. We believe you should generate at least 5 figures worth of business from every event you attend, sure it might not be immediately but if you follow our system you will see it over the next 60 / 90 / 120 days.

In the 5 Figure Networking System we teach you to:

  • Stand out from everyone else at the event, this means people want to meet you and do business with you.
  • Sell yourself without it looking like you're selling. This one little tip alone will have a queue of people wanting to talk to you.
  • Work the room, forming partnerships, sharing opportunities and creating new relationships. By the time you've finished everyone sees you as the 'influencer', this increases your bottom line.
  • Find the best 6 people in the room to have follow up meetings with, if you create opportunities with at least 3 of those 6 you will also create a great income stream.

These 4 Systems will show you step by step what to do, how to do it, when to do it and provides you with the exact system that I personally use in our Referral Marketing Guru business today.


I know this looks like so much information and you're probably wondering how on earth are you going to learn all this as well as run your business.

Trust me I have thought of that also.

Everything has been created in short 7-12 minute steps, I have done this on purpose so that you can take a step, learn it and then begin implementing it straight away.

You don't need to learn everything before you implement that is why this program is so powerful.

There are currently 3 people in the world that have the knowledge on referral marketing as I do. Unfortunately to talk to the other 2 will cost you about $5,000 per day and when you have finished talking to them you will still have to do most of it yourself.

I really believe that everyone needs to know this stuff, it is so easy to implement and the results you will see will amaze you.

That is why I created "The Partnership Club" and made it a "Lifetime Membership"

This allows you to be part of our Partnership Community FOREVER. Can you imagine the opportunities that you could create?

I know that paying $5,000 a day is out of reach for the majority of businesses and I wanted this to be a real NO BRAINER and affordable for you.


So All Partnership Club Lifetime Members Will Get:

  • The Referral Marketing System in a box, this walks you through step by step how to build a referral marketing system into your business, this means more referrals and more profits into your business.
  • The Joint Venture and Cross Promotion System in a box. This system will have you creating new opportunities, new partnerships and opening some amazing doors all around the globe. New partnerships equal new business opportunities and therefore more income.
  • The LinkedIn Engagement System in a box has all the tools you need to dominate the LinkedIn platform. You will soon be talking to the right people, creating new opportunities and being seen as the go to person in your industry.
  • The 5 Figure Networking System in a box is the only networking training that teaches you how to make money from your networking. It won't be long before you are growing your network and income streams becuase of the people you meet and what you do with them during your follow up.
  • A weekly "Get More Referral Today" Podcast. This podcast shows you how to generate referrals immediately, create new opportunities and increase your bottom line. This becomes your ongoing training tool to improve your own referral skill set.
  • A monthly "Partnership Club 30 Day Plan." This keeps you accountable to your referral plan and gives you step by step the activity you should be doing in the next 30 days. This is your personal referral and accountability coach and tells you exactly what you should be doing in the upcoming month to generate more referrals. It is your step by step guide.
  • A JV and Partnership Forum with access to all club members to build new partnerships with, create joint ventures, affiliate opportunities and allows all members to work with one another. This means you will tap into my network of amazing people and the network of club members.
  • A "Business Offer Forum" where you can promote special offers to all club members from all around the world. You have the ability to create new sales from our community.
  • A complete new and active network from all around the world to tap into and get referrals from. You will be shown how to use effectively our Referral Marketing Guru LinkedIn group, how to connect with potential partners, how to contact them and how to benefit from creating win/win opportunities.

Every aspect of the "Partnership Club" has one aim.... To Get You More Business, To Create You More Opportunities and To Build You A Better Network That You Can use Each Day!

I remember those early days and trying to do everything myself. I remember thinking I knew the best way or that I had to create it my way.

Then I was taught something that I've never forgot "it is smarter to follow and model a person that has created what you would like to do rather than trying to create it yourself." 

When I started applying this to my business it took off, it saved me time, effort and it saved me loads of money.

My consulting clients pay upwards of $5,000 per month to work with me, but I want you to have all 4 systems to start implementing yourself without price being a factor.

  • I want you to have success with referral marketing as I did
  •  I want you to be taught correctly and have systems that work
  • I want you to have all the tools, trainings and networks that will give you the head start you need to be successful with getting more referrals

So I want to give you LIFETIME membership to the "Partnership Club" for a one time investment of just $297

Yes that's right just $297 to have lifetime access and be taught by the leading authority on referral marketing in the world.

  • To have access to all the education and training you need to put in place your referral marketing system.
  • To tap into new referral partners, new joint venture opportunities and affiliate opportunities
  • To promote your business offers to a worldwide community

This Partnership Club Membership is the only partnership club online in the world that teaches it members what to do, how to do it and how to take advantage of the opportunities. Everyone else just gives you a platform to connect but doesn't teach you how to do it correctly.

Just in case with everything you have read so far you are still not sure we will also include a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, so really there is no risk to you what's so ever.

So just ask yourself....  

  • Am I looking for a community where everyone helps one another and they are willing to help others also?
  • Am I looking for a way to collaborate with other people?
  • Am I hungry for more referrals and to create new opportunities?
  • Am I wanting the right education and training to be a referral guru myself?

IF THIS IS YOU --Then We Look Forward To Having You In The Partnership Club

To get started all you need to do is hit the 'get started today' button below. You will be then taken to our acceptance form.

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Just fill in your details and you will instantly be sent your membership login details to get access to your own personal members portal to begin all the trainings instantly.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side and showing you how to get more referrals, grow your networks and use your networks better to create as many opportunities as you desire.

Michael Griffiths - The #1 Authority On Referral Marketing Training

PS - Make sure you start with the current 30 day plan and do those 4 activities to see instant change. 

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